WebPlatform.org: The New Site for Web Standards

 Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Adobe, HP, Mozilla, Opera and Nokia have teamed up to create WebPlatform.org, a website dedicated to web standards.

WebPlatform.org is a community-driven site that aims to become a comprehensive source for web developer documentation.

The ultimate resource on the Internet will update all the latest information on HTML5, CSS3, SVG, JavaScript and other open formats on the web. WebPlatform will carry tutorials, discussion forums, blog as well as a chat feature and will be a preferred destination for the web development community.

Anyone interested can create an account and start learning and those who wish to help can contribute and share knowledge among the WebPlatform community.

This project is the harmonization of the different formats of the web and is an excellent initiative, especially when it is supported by such technology giants.


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