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Websites make their account deletion process hard to find as possible. However a  new online service proposes to simplify the task for those who want to delete their profiles that they have created on the web, sometimes unused for years, with a few clicks.


Just Delete Me - delete your online presence

Removing an account is a daunting task: where is the link to delete the account? What are the procedures to follow in another? Just Delete Me gives you all the information you need to close your accounts on major websites (Facebook, Amazon, Grindr, Instagram, Paypal …).

Sites, sorted alphabetically, are categorized by color. It will not be difficult to delete the accounts marked in green, those in yellow require some additional steps that are explained, for sites in red, you will have to contact support service, and finally, for sites marked in black ( including Wikipedia, Pinterest, Craigslist, etc), it is virtually impossible.

When you click on the name of a site, you are redirected to the page to delete the account, and in a few clicks, account is deleted instead of spending hours searching for the right link to it. And in case you can not delete an account, Just Delete Me explains how secure it is.  This is truly a must-bookmark service!

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