Revealed: Best Kept Secrets About Successful Startups You Don’t Know Yet

So you’re planning to launch your own startup? You’ve heard about how people are succeeding with building their business and how lots of them have been able to fire their boss in order to run their own startup.

Now, you’re so motivated and energized and all what’s on your mind at the moment is to launch your own startup so you can also tell your boss to “go pound sand”.

Well, congratulations, there is absolutely nothing like owning your own business.

Now, if you can relate very well with the things I just mentioned above then, this post is for you. In this post, I will unveil to you, the top secrets of successful startups. You really need to pay attention to what I’m about to tell you because ignoring it might spell doom for your upcoming startup.
With that out of the way, let’s get to it.

Top Secrets of Successful Startups

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Just like every other thing in life, running a startup is never easy. Launching it is actually very easy but to make it successful, that’s the difficult part and that’s why according to Fortune magazine, 90 percent of starts usually fail.

The remaining 10 percent that succeeds, do you know their secrets? If you care to know then, you’ve got to keep on reading.

Interestingly, successful startups have a set of well guarded secrets that made them successful and you can find them below.

1. They Know Their Why

According to a recent Ted Talk by Simon Sinek, the best way to ensure the success of a startup is to “start with your why”.

Ask yourself, why does your startup exist anyway?

What problem are you going to solve?

And then, how do you intend to solve the problem.

Sinek further explained that companies like Apple was able to stand the test of time because they focused on their ultimate WHY from the beginning but unfortunately, most startups today usually skip this process. They jumped into the business without knowing why they existed in the first place so, if you truly want your startup to prosper, you need to focus more on your why.

2. They Assembled a Great Team

Let me tell you, you can’t possibly run a startup singlehandedly and make it a success, except you’re a super human which I’m sure you’re not. (No one is anyway).

For your startup to succeed, you need the helping hands of other people. You need to create a team of talented people that will help with every area of the business.

You can’t possibly be a jack of all trade; that alone will murder your startup before your very eyes. Remember you’re not good in everything and yes, you might actually think you can learn it but then, why not hire an expert so you can use that time on your own area of expertise?

Bottom line: Your startup needs a team of experienced people to survive, ask every successful startup today, you will find out that they have a good team.

3. They Built a System

In his book “E Myth”, Michael Gerber stressed on the need for every startup to develop a good working system for his business.

Successful startups built a system that can easily be replicated by anyone. They already knows everything about the business, they understand what goes to where and how everything is done.

If they employ someone new today, they will simply show him the system and by just glancing at it, the newbie will quickly master every process of the business.

This is also what you should do in order to guarantee the growth of your startup.

4. They Have a Product That is Perfect for The Market

According to Fortune, one of the major reasons why startups fail is because they mistakenly created a product no one wants to buy.

A survey was carried out among some of the startups that failed and 42% of them confirmed the (lack of a market need for their product) as the major reason for their failure.

Therefore if you must spend all that time and money to build a product then, it’s also wise to test and ensure your product will be well received by the market else, it will be for you alone and your immediate family and friends.

Finally, one more thing I want to point out is the fact that every startup needs content marketing to survive except you don’t plan to establish an online presence for your brand which will be a big mistake.

According to Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs, 88% of B2B marketers in North America use content marketing to promote their startups.

Therefore, I will also advice you to integrate content marketing as part of your startup promotion strategy.

If you can diligently follow all the advice I’ve laid down here, there is no doubt your startup will also flourish.

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