How to use WhatsApp as a Private Vault for Documents and Links

WhatsApp is no doubt the number one application for keeping in touch with friends and family. It is light, fast and runs like charm in almost every smartphone out there and most importantly, its free!

The primary use of WhatsApp is for messaging and making calls, but it has some other clever uses too which will make you love this app even more. Other than keeping in touch with your family and friends, you can use WhatsApp as a:

  • Personal storage space to save documents, photos, links, notes, reminders and everything else that can be accessed from anywhere.
  • File sharing app that can used to transfer files, documents, photos, links etc from your phone to your computer and vice versa without the use of any additional software or plugin.

whatsapp-personal storage-group

All you have to do is create a contact on WhatsApp and whatever you need to store privately, you just to need to share with the virtual contact you created. It’s that simple.

There is a limitation however with WhatsApp restricting messages to be sent to your own number, but with a small workaround you could overcome this problem. With you as a only participant, you need to create a group on WhatsApp. This is how its done:

  1. Create a new group (let’s call it My Notes) on WhatsApp.
  2. Add someone from your contact list to the group that you just created, give it a name and then save.
  3. Now open the group and tap the group name (the area that says “tap here for group info” as soon as you open the group) to view the participants.
  4. Remove the contact you added on step 2.

Voila, you just created your personal digital storage space that you can access from anywhere.

Now, if you want to transfer a note from your pc to your mobile, all you need to do is fire up the browser on your pc and direct it to, send the note to the group and it will instantaneously appear on your mobile. You can also you the search function to locate your files by name/keyword.


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