Google Loon: Internet Access via Balloons

This is yet another crazy new Google X project called Google Loon. After Google Glass, the company has presented balloons capable of relaying internet to areas difficult to access.

During this initial testing phase thirty balloons were sent into the stratosphere and each balloon is 15 meters in diameter and can provide internet access in a 40km zone around it. The ball is powered by solar panels. The first tests have been successfully carried out at 20 miles above New Zealand.

The operation of the internet connection is made using the balloons which acts as a reflective mirror: an internet provider on Earth sends a signal to the balloon then returns to its geographical area with dedicated antennas or receivers placed on roofs.

Ultimately, Google plans to expand its testing to South Africa, Uruguay, Australia and Chile.


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  1. Muad

    Jun 21. 2013

    Really awesome stuff..!

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