Google I/O 2018 Highlights: The 5 Awesome Announcements

Google I/O, Google’s developer conference, kicked off on Tuesday in California. Top Google executives took the stage to showcase some of the bleeding edge technological developments in Google Maps, Android, AI, etc. Here are 5 awesome announcements that will change your life.

Google Assistant

Google is taking its assistant to an entirely new level thanks to its new feature called Continued Conversations that now supports continuous conversations with complex and multiple questions . You don’t have to say “Okay Google” every time you want to talk to it anymore.


Google Duplex

Google Duplex, an experimental Google Assistant feature that makes phone calls on your behalf to schedule an appointment for you. It’s so cool. Watch the demo below:

Google Maps

Google Maps will receive a new “For You” tab with personalized information from your neighborhood. It shows new places, trending places and also your individual match score just made for you. Also, there is VPS (Visual Positioning System) which uses the camera of your smartphone for walking directions, plus there is a cute AR fox leading the way.

Android P

For now Android P is all about “Intelligence, Simplicity and Digital Wellbeing”. With app actions and Slices there will be a lot more cross linking between different apps, for instance when you are looking to book an Uber, you will get first Slices containing information of possible rides including the duration and the prices. ML Kit will bring machine learning features to your favorite applications – watch out for your favorite calorie counting app to feature image recognition for foods or food packaging to help with your calorie intake. Android P will also receive a new gesture recognition system. Swipe up for an overview with all the recent apps, swipe up again for all apps, swipe left and right in the newly designed home button to browse through all your recent apps.

Lastly there are also a bunch of new features that are supposedly helping you to chill out – tell Android P that you want to go to bed at 11pm and it is going to punish your nightly YouTube binge watching sessions with a black and white display. If you tell Android that you want to use your favorite app only for one hour per day its going to grey out the icon if you overused it.

Google News

The newly designed google news gives us a glimpse of the future. Google will now automatically generate newscasts with fragments of different sources to create a little story. With this you are supposed to get a full picture of a specific story including a timeline with all the important events plus automatically generated Q&As and most importantly everybody sees exactly the same version of a story so there will be no filter bubbles.



Bonus: Artificial Intelligence

Lastly there is a lot of AI enhanced features that is coming into everyday tasks. Google mail will soon get smart mail suggestions – think of it as something similar to the autocomplete that you already know from your favorite Android or iOS keyboards.

Google Lens will now also find its way into the camera app of more and more smartphones such as OnePlus, LG, etc. With its Style Match feature you can point your phone’s camera at an outfit or furniture and Google will work its magic helping you to buy that item online. Also, Google announced a feature that allows you to copy and paste text from the real world into your phone. Cool eh?


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