Find out what Facebook can see inside your Photos

Facebook uses Artificial Intelligence to a great extent, so much so that they know what’s inside your photos even without you adding any description. It tries to determine what objects and scenes are in the photograph when you upload them on Facebook using advance image recognition.

Whether you are riding a bicycle, playing with your cat, taking a dip in the pool or spending time with your buddies, Facebook can figure these out from the photos. Although this may seem a bit invasive, this technology (Facebook Computer Vision Tag) helps people who are visually impaired “see” what’s in the picture (via a reader which uses the text that the AI generates to describe the picture).




If you wanna know what information Facebook has stored about your photographs, here is how your view the data.

  1. Click on any photo thumbnail on Facebook to enlarge the image.
  2. Right click on the image and select the “Inspect” (this is what appears on Chrome, on Firefox you need to select “Inspect Element”).
  3. You will find the description that Facebook has generated for your image in the alt attribute of the image tag.




If you find the above steps cumbersome or just boring, there is a nifty Google Chrome extension that shows the tags on the photos without you having to search inside the developer tool manually.

The algorithm is able to identify several concepts that include objects (eg spectacles), people’s emotions (whether they are smiling etc), nature, food and many more. It can also accurately determine the number of people in a groupie.



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