FilePizza – P2P File Sharing in Your Web Browser


There are great P2P (Peer-to-Peer) file sharing services such as BitTorrent  Sync that you can use without shedding a dime for third-party cloud storage, these however require software to be installed.  FilePizza also uses the P2P protocal to share files but does so right in your browser. FilePizza is an open-source web application to share files between web browsers, without needing an intermediate server.

This is not the first service of its kind since there is already and probably others which pretty much do the same thing, but FilePizza is extremely simple to use. Tapping the WebRTC protocol built into Chrome and Firefox browsers, the service allows you to share files from the browser.



The user who wants to share a file should simply go to the site and select the file on your hard drive, you are immediately given a link. Send the link to someone and they can start downloading the file right within their browser via an encrypted connection. Essentially, your file does not touch a third-party server, it’s just a direct connection between your computer and the one receiving it. If you close your FilePizza window, that stops the transfer.

The project is fully open-source, the source can be found on GitHub. Note that according to the developers, Chrome can only transfer files that are less than 500 MB in size and in Firefox you could go up to 2 GB.


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