WebPlatform.org: The New Site for Web Standards

 Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Adobe, HP, Mozilla, Opera and Nokia have teamed up to create WebPlatform.org, a website dedicated to web standards. WebPlatform.org is a community-driven ... Continue Reading →

A Brand’s Facebook Page is More Useful Than its Website According to a Study [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here are the results of a survey of 1,000 Social Network users. They were asked their opinion on brand presence on Facebook. And lo and behold, 50% of users reported that a  Facebook ... Continue Reading →

New MySpace Unveiled: One Word, WOW!!

MySpace has unveiled via a video teasing a glimpse of its new platform, accessible from new.myspace.com. And the result seems exceptional. Either i’m hallucinating or was I too ... Continue Reading →

10 Chrome Extensions to Improve Productivity

Well here it is….My first post on my blog. The first of many I hope Google Chrome which is THE most popular browser in the world according to StatCounter  is my favourite ... Continue Reading →