Google I/O 2018 Highlights: The 5 Awesome Announcements

Google I/O, Google’s developer conference, kicked off on Tuesday in California. Top Google executives took the stage to showcase some of the bleeding edge technological developments ... Continue Reading →

Find out what Facebook can see inside your Photos

Facebook uses Artificial Intelligence to a great extent, so much so that they know what’s inside your photos even without you adding any description. It tries to determine what objects ... Continue Reading →

How to use WhatsApp as a Private Vault for Documents and Links

WhatsApp is no doubt the number one application for keeping in touch with friends and family. It is light, fast and runs like charm in almost every smartphone out there and most importantly, ... Continue Reading →

FilePizza – P2P File Sharing in Your Web Browser

  There are great P2P (Peer-to-Peer) file sharing services such as BitTorrent  Sync that you can use without shedding a dime for third-party cloud storage, these however require ... Continue Reading →

Balloon – Send a Link to Anyone to Add Files to Your Dropbox

  Collecting together a lot of files can be a real hassle, its a pain to everyone on the same page. If you are a Dropbox user, Balloon is a web application which lets you create ... Continue Reading →

Sony Reinvents the Christmas Tree

The Japanese giant Sony introduced a Christmas tree that the user can remotely control using his smartphone. The Christmas tree remains very entrenched in today’s traditions, ... Continue Reading →

Vanish from the Internet using

Websites make their account deletion process hard to find as possible. However a  new online service proposes to simplify the task for those who want to delete their ... Continue Reading →

Palestinian Posts Bug Report on Zuckerberg’s Facebook Wall

A Palestinian IT Expert took to Mark Zuckerberg’s wall after his attempts to report the bug to the Facebook failed, in fact they simply had chosen to turn a deaf ear. The exploit ... Continue Reading →

A 180 Gigapixel Panoroma of Tokyo

This photo of the Japanese capital is the second largest panorama ever photographed. With a size of 180 gigapixel, the work of photographer Jeffrey Martin is pure awesomeness.   It ... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Alternatives to Google Reader

    As you’ll are aware Google has decided to call it a day for its Google Reader, the service will be discontinued from the 1st of July 2013. But for all the geeks who ... Continue Reading →