Google Loon: Internet Access via Balloons

This is yet another crazy new Google X project called Google Loon. After Google Glass, the company has presented balloons capable of relaying internet to areas difficult to access. During ... Continue Reading →

A Week of Specials for Google Play’s First Birthday

A year after changing the name from the Android Market to name the Google Play, the Mountain View company offers some good deals to its users on its Android app store. Google Play launches ... Continue Reading → The New Site for Web Standards

 Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Adobe, HP, Mozilla, Opera and Nokia have teamed up to create, a website dedicated to web standards. is a community-driven ... Continue Reading →

iPhone and the Smartphone Market for the Next 6 Months [INFOGRAPHIC]

Now that the iPhone 5 has arrived to the smartphone world, the phone maker’s share of the smartphone industry is set to rise in the coming months, until another maker comes with ... Continue Reading →