Google I/O 2018 Highlights: The 5 Awesome Announcements

Google I/O, Google’s developer conference, kicked off on Tuesday in California. Top Google executives took the stage to showcase some of the bleeding edge technological developments ... Continue Reading →

Find out what Facebook can see inside your Photos

Facebook uses Artificial Intelligence to a great extent, so much so that they know what’s inside your photos even without you adding any description. It tries to determine what objects ... Continue Reading →

Now You Can Encrypt Your Messages on Facebook Messenger

  Last year saw Whatsapp fortify its app by creating the biggest end-to-end encrypted messaging network. End to end encryption means that your conversation is encrypted at each ... Continue Reading →

Revealed: Best Kept Secrets About Successful Startups You Don’t Know Yet

So you’re planning to launch your own startup? You’ve heard about how people are succeeding with building their business and how lots of them have been able to fire their boss in ... Continue Reading →

FilePizza – P2P File Sharing in Your Web Browser

  There are great P2P (Peer-to-Peer) file sharing services such as BitTorrent  Sync that you can use without shedding a dime for third-party cloud storage, these however require ... Continue Reading →

Sony Reinvents the Christmas Tree

The Japanese giant Sony introduced a Christmas tree that the user can remotely control using his smartphone. The Christmas tree remains very entrenched in today’s traditions, ... Continue Reading →

Phonebloks: Modular LEGO-like Smartphone Design

Dutch designer Dave Hakkens has a vision: why don’t we create modular and recyclable smartphones that look like LEGO? His project Phonebloks (offline at the time of writing due ... Continue Reading →

A 180 Gigapixel Panoroma of Tokyo

This photo of the Japanese capital is the second largest panorama ever photographed. With a size of 180 gigapixel, the work of photographer Jeffrey Martin is pure awesomeness.   It ... Continue Reading →
Honda Magic Hands Ad

The Magic Hands of Honda

To celebrate 65 years of innovation in the business and pay tribute to its engineers, Honda has made an incredible video that demonstrates its expertise in technology and transport: ... Continue Reading →
fighting cancer with hiv

Fighting Cancer with HIV

Emma was diagnosed with leukemia and the cancer has already returned twice. A third time would probably be too much for the little girl of 6 years to take. Their only hope was to try ... Continue Reading →