Balloon – Send a Link to Anyone to Add Files to Your Dropbox



Collecting together a lot of files can be a real hassle, its a pain to everyone on the same page. If you are a Dropbox user, Balloon is a web application which lets you create a single link that you can send to people so they can send you files to your Dropbox without them needing to have a Dropbox account. In a nut shell, Balloon is a “drop box” to your Dropbox!

This is what the Balloon app website says

You’re a developer: share your Balloon with designers for them to send assets. You’re a teacher: share your Balloon with your students for them to turn in their assignments. You’re getting married: share your Balloon with your wedding guests for them to send you their photos.

Basically, when a Balloon link is created, access is given to people to drop files to a particular folder in Dropbox but they can’t browser through the rest of the contents. It is very useful if you are collecting files from several people. It also allows you to set a password. It is quite similar to the Dropbox “File Requests” feature but a lot simpler.



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