FilePizza – P2P File Sharing in Your Web Browser

  There are great P2P (Peer-to-Peer) file sharing services such as BitTorrent  Sync that you can use without shedding a dime for third-party cloud storage, these however require ... Continue Reading →

Balloon – Send a Link to Anyone to Add Files to Your Dropbox

  Collecting together a lot of files can be a real hassle, its a pain to everyone on the same page. If you are a Dropbox user, Balloon is a web application which lets you create ... Continue Reading →

Xim, Microsoft’s Photo Sharing App

Microsoft recently launched Microsoft Xim, a photo sharing application developed by Microsoft Research FUSE Labs, to simplify mobile photo sharing. Now your friends need not install ... Continue Reading →

Sony Reinvents the Christmas Tree

The Japanese giant Sony introduced a Christmas tree that the user can remotely control using his smartphone. The Christmas tree remains very entrenched in today’s traditions, ... Continue Reading →

Phonebloks: Modular LEGO-like Smartphone Design

Dutch designer Dave Hakkens has a vision: why don’t we create modular and recyclable smartphones that look like LEGO? His project Phonebloks (offline at the time of writing due ... Continue Reading →

Vanish from the Internet using

Websites make their account deletion process hard to find as possible. However a  new online service proposes to simplify the task for those who want to delete their ... Continue Reading →

Palestinian Posts Bug Report on Zuckerberg’s Facebook Wall

A Palestinian IT Expert took to Mark Zuckerberg’s wall after his attempts to report the bug to the Facebook failed, in fact they simply had chosen to turn a deaf ear. The exploit ... Continue Reading →

A 180 Gigapixel Panoroma of Tokyo

This photo of the Japanese capital is the second largest panorama ever photographed. With a size of 180 gigapixel, the work of photographer Jeffrey Martin is pure awesomeness.   It ... Continue Reading →
Honda Magic Hands Ad

The Magic Hands of Honda

To celebrate 65 years of innovation in the business and pay tribute to its engineers, Honda has made an incredible video that demonstrates its expertise in technology and transport: ... Continue Reading →
fighting cancer with hiv

Fighting Cancer with HIV

Emma was diagnosed with leukemia and the cancer has already returned twice. A third time would probably be too much for the little girl of 6 years to take. Their only hope was to try ... Continue Reading →