10 Reasons Why We Should Recycle Our Waste

Reprocessing is the process of re-using or converting waste materials into other materials or object. Recycling has numerous environmental benefits. Recycling saves energy, preserves natural resources, limits pollution, and supports several sectors of the economic system.

Why We Should Recycle

why we should recycle

Creation of employment opportunities

Unemployment is a huge issue globally and due to inflation, jobs have been scarce and competitive. Recycling of waste product can create job opportunities for the many unemployed globally.

Reduce air and chemical pollution

Many waste materials like papers, plastics, etc. release toxic gases contaminating the surroundings. If these can be recycled they can minimize air contamination, which in most cases bring acidic rain destroying vegetation and even affecting animals.

Prevent landfill

Many people dispose of plastic and polythene bags anywhere polluting the streets eventually ending up in landfills. Recycling preserves existing landfill space. Landfills lower property values because nobody wants to be near a stinking garbage dump. The more you and your neighbors recycle, the fewer number of landfills your city will need. The little bit of effort it takes to sort and recycle your trash each week will ultimately pay off for everyone in the community.

Increases government revenue 

Most waste materials after they are recycled are made into raw materials for fabrication. These are shipped to other countries bringing in revenue to the state coffers.

Reduce demand for constructing raw materials

By recycling we can reduce the amount of raw materials needed for construction , which conserves the environment they would have been taken away from.

Energy conservation

A great deal of energy is required to remove sensitive materials, and the pollution that would have been brought forth by the extraction and transportation operations.If you look at the labels on the packaging of things you buy, you will notice that most items are produced from some recycled materials.

Prevents global warming

By recycling solid waste we could prevent greenhouse gases from being released into the atmosphere. Global warming can bring disaster on the whole word, e.g. drought, destruction, illness and so on.

Demand creation 

Recycling and purchasing of waste product create more demand and supply and this cuts down waste material in the community or area, hence serving the economy.

Saves money

It is not true that recycling costs more than disposal. Selling recyclable materials offsets the additional costs of gathering and processing recyclables, making recycling the cheaper option for the community.

Reduce water contamination

Many waste materials pollute water. In case of heavy rain waste products are transported by water into the rivers. This could even lead to acid rains that would be detrimental to both plant and animal life.

It is important to understand that recycling not only saves us money, most importantly it saves lives.

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