10 Chrome Extensions to Improve Productivity

Well here it is….My first post on my blog. The first of many I hope 🙂

Google Chrome which is THE most popular browser in the world according to StatCounter  is my favourite and among all the cybernauts alike. People love Chrome because of its speed and extensions which is aplenty. I have installed several extensions in my Chrome browser but it still beats its rivals with its speed of page loading. This advantage of Chrome is also the main selling point used by Google to promote its browser.

Extensions to save time.

Surfing the web becomes increasingly time consuming and can quickly munch time on the rest of your activities. This is why we need all the time trying to find tips that will save time while surfing. Here are some of the Chrome extensions that may save you a lot of time ensuring your productivity at work.
  • Google Mail Checker  : If you are like me a heavy user of Gmail, this extension is for you. You install it and you are notified of new email every time it happens. Therefore you need not check your inbox every 10 minutes.
  • Adblock : Adblock needs no introduction, this extension will allow you to block ads that invade your web pages and slow down your reading or browsing.
  • Webpage Screenshot  : This extension is useful for any blogger who wants to illustrate his articles. So you no longer need to install a capture software that you open each time.
  • Android Push Contacts : Send contacts from your browser to your android phone. You can even send SMS messages straight from your computer.
  • Send to Google Docs : Save any website to your Google Account and send it to Google Docs using this extension.
  • Doc PDF / Powerpoint Viewer : This extension allows you to view any document in PDF or PowerPoint files directly on the browser. Saves a lot of time.
  • StayFocused : This extension limits the time you spend online. No more sleepless nights on YouTube or Facebook.
  • Shareaholic : An extension that allows you to share any web page on social networks like Twitter and Facebook with one click.
  • Write Space: Having a notepad at hand can be really helpful if you browse the Internet. No need to minimize the browser to open  notepad to note an address or information with this extension. And yah, its offline.
  • Clickable Links : If you’re tired of sites that make links and email addresses unclickable, this extension is for you. It simply converts the non-clickable to clickable… and it’s not bad.

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